Wellness Exams

Heritage Health Providers recommend patients complete an annual wellness exam to stay up-to-date on their primary care. During Wellness visits, Providers discuss Preventive Care with patients. Recommended Preventive screenings, immunizations, and other interventions vary per patient based on age and gender. Patients should check with their insurance company to learn what services are covered in a Wellness Visit.

All Qualified Health Plans, Medicare and Medicaid/CHIP cover one Wellness Exam per year that is not subject to applicable plan deductibles. Patients who are are paying an insurance premium, are paying for this service so patients are encouraged to use it.

Please find below information on Preventive Care and Wellness Visits for patients.

FAQs on Preventive Care

Read this information for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on preventive care.

Medicare Wellness Visits

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) are tailored to address the needs of Medicare patients which are different from Wellness Visits for other age groups. What is included in a Medicare Wellness Visit is the same whether a patient has traditional Medicare (Parts A & B) or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

QHP Wellness Visits

These guidelines are for Cigna, however Preventive Care guidelines are defined by law and therefore they are generally the same for all Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). However, it is recommended that patients request a list of Preventive Care Services from their insurance company to understand what their plan covers.