Patient FAQs


There are several options for making payments.
1) In-Person: At the time of service or during clinic hours, Monday through Friday.
2) Phone: Call the Billing Office at (307) 764-1602.
3) Patient Portal: Pay through the Portal. This is the easiest and fastest payment method.
4) By Mail: Mail payments with your statement to the billing service address listed on the
statement. Remember to include your account number with the payment. (Note: Our
billing collection agency is located in Belfast, ME, so payments will take a little longer to
be received.)

For all billing questions and those about your current account balance, you may contact our Billing Office at (307) 764-1602.

For all billing questions, you may contact our Billing Office at (307) 764-1602.

Yes, we can set-up payment plans for patients at anytime, but it is the patient’s
responsibility to make timely monthly payments. To set-up a payment plan, you may call
the Billing Office at (307) 764-1602 or set one up at your next visit.

Heritage Health Center treats anyone regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Patients who do not have insurance or have a high deductible plan, can apply for our Sliding Fee Scale that provides services to patients at discounted rates based on their household size and income. (For more information, see SFS questions.)

Other Patient Policies

Heritage Health Center highly discourages any sort of friendship or correlation between Heritage Health Center staff and our patients on social media sites.


HHC offers free Insurance Assistance services to anyone not just health center patients. Most people can benefit from this service but we especially recommend it for uninsured patients to review coverage options and for those who expect to or have had a change in their coverage. HHC Assisters can answer questions, help you understand your current plan, help renew Marketplace (Healthcare.gov) or Medicaid coverage, update account information, and submit applications for Medicaid/CHIP and the Marketplace. Call (307) 764-4107 to make a free appointment.

Some insurance options are only available for a certain time after a life change happens that affects insurance coverage. As soon as you know your insurance or economic situation is changing, make an appointment with an Insurance Assister at the clinic (307) 764-4107.

Patient Portal

Patients can use the Portal for many tasks including to schedule and reschedule appointments, review visit summaries, send secure messages to clinic staff, check their account balance and make payments.

The easiest way is to provide your active email address to the Front Desk. Then we can send you an email or text invite to enroll in the Portal. Once you receive the message, click on that link and complete the registration process with AthenaHealth. For additional information on how to use the Portal for different tasks go to our Portal page on our website at: https://www.heritagehealthcenter.org/portal-how-to.

Lab Work

a. Established Heritage Health Center Patients: Most labs are drawn at your appointment. If a lab cannot be drawn then, you can schedule a nursing appointment to draw labs on a different day. We will also draw labs for non-HHC providers as long as you have a lab order from that Provider.

b. Health Fair labs are available for patients and non-patients, Thursday mornings from 7:30am to 12:00pm, on a walk-in basis and no lab order is needed. Results are mailed to patients and it is their responsibility to get them to their Providers.

Heritage Health Center offers various labs and imaging tests to all patients. Costs vary based on the lab or test type and discounted pricing is available for labs on the sliding fee scale. For more specific information, please call the health center.

Sliding Fee Scale

The Sliding Fee Scale is available to patients who qualify based on their annual income and household size. Patients who earn up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Line, which is $50,200 for a household of 4, qualify for services on the SFS. Payment will be requested at the time of service. Patients who are unable to pay may be asked to be put on a payment plan.

Heritage Health Center requires patients to provide income verification documents for all earners in the household, to prove annual gross wages earned. Acceptable documents include W2’s, pay stubs from the last two pay periods, most recent year’s tax returns, SS/SSI/SSDI payment letters, and Unemployment benefit check stubs. In the event these standard documents cannot be provided, other documentation will be accepted. Patients may also complete a Statement of Survivability provided by HHC.

Costs vary based on the service but medical visits cost as little as $20 up to $99 on the sliding fee scale; a mental health visit ranges from $5 to $25; and a lab or nursing visit is $7 to $20. Additional services and costs are available upon request.

We require patients to complete a new SFS application annually, or when their household or income situation changes.

Yes, insured patients may apply for the SFS. All insurance plans are billed first. It is still recommended that patients who are able to get insurance obtain a plan, as the SFS is NOT insurance and only provides discounts for services at Heritage Health Center. Insurance plans will provide much greater coverage to patients and will cover patients at other Providers as well.

Medical Records

To have medical records and test results transferred TO HHC, complete a “Release of Records” form for each Provider. We will fax the form to those Providers and they will send us the records you’ve requested.

Complete a “Release of Records” form at Heritage Health Center for the Provider(s) who need the information. We will send the information you’ve requested to them. It is also helpful to remind the nursing staff during a visit if you know certain notes or lab results need to be released to another provider.

Any patient can request copies of their medical information at the clinic. For records that are more than 20 pages long, the health center may charge a fee.

Visits to Other Providers

Start with your HHC Primary Care Provider for all referrals. HHC Providers will identify when patients need to see a Specialist and can generate a referral order during your visit. They can either refer you to a Provider of your choice or recommend one. Your HHC Provider may also know if you will need to complete additional lab work or imaging tests (X-rays, MRI, etc.) before the visit. After your visit, your Specialist will send notes from your visit to your HHC provider.

For all emergencies call 911 or go to the emergency room. For non-emergencies you may HHC first in order to make the best plan. If you do go to the ER or another walk-in clinic always report your HHC provider as your Primary Care Provider. By doing this, notes from your visit can be sent to HHC to be kept in your medical record.

Heritage Health Center has a full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides behavioral health counseling and case management services for individual patients and their families. Appointments are available during regular health center hours, Monday through Thursday. Services are billed to insurance plans and are available to un-insured patients on the sliding fee scale.


If your current medications have refills remaining, please call your pharmacy to request a refill. There is no need to contact Heritage Health Center.

All refill requests should be done through your pharmacy, even if you do not have any refills left.

a. The pharmacy will fax a request to the clinic.

b. Depending on the medication, your Provider may require another appointment with you or do additional lab work before they issue a new prescription.

c. It is best that you start this process when you use up your last refill. This way you will be able to be seen before you run out of a medication.