About Heritage Health Center

Heritage Health Center (HHC) is a non-profit, federally-qualified community health center (FQHC) providing primary care and services to those living in the Big Horn Basin. Heritage Health Center is a primary care clinic with a highly-experienced medical and behavioral health staff including a physician, a physician’s assistant, nursing staff trained in care management, two licensed clinical social workers, and a licensed practical counselor specializing in youth counseling. The clinic offers traditional healthcare services such as routine primary care visits, preventative care, chronic disease management, and lab work, as well as, behavioral health counseling in a team-based model.

Heritage Health Center Services are available for all people, including those with insurance and those without insurance. As a federally-qualified community health center, Heritage Health Center clinic offers a sliding fee schedule for services based on household income and size. In addition, the clinic accepts payment from Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and private health insurance (see In-Network Insurance Companies).

Our Mission

Provide exceptional integrated care for the whole person, whole family, and the whole community.

Our Vision

To be a health care leader in the communities of the Big Horn Basin by providing access to high-quality, whole person, care for all citizens.

Our Values

Respect for our patients: Meet and accept each patient where they are in their health journey and how we can help.

Respect and appreciation of our staff: Providing high quality care begins with hiring a high-quality staff and providing them with a healthy work environment.

Collaboration and cooperation between health providers leads to a healthy community: Fostering a healthy relationship amongst providers will strengthen the healthcare network provided to the community.

Positive impacts on the communities we serve: Accomplished through our care, our facility and the activities in which we participate.

Morality: Provide an environment of integrity to uphold the rules and regulations of healthcare so that we can provide a low risk environment focused on quality care.

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Our Charity name: Powell Health Care Coalition